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Youth OnPurpose

The Youth OnPurpose program is for students of all ages, but ideally for those aged 14-21. It assists them to identify a career goal early and organize their lives around its achievement. The program ensures that students get and stay on purpose, and avoid distractions that arise from peer pressure, uncertainty, a lack of confidence, an overscheduled life, and too many choices. It involves three distinct and critical steps:

Step 1 – Know where you are

The first step begins with a personal interview and intake with your Education & Career Advisor. Following the intake, you will complete a battery of assessments that will provide valuable information relative to your strengths, interests, and personality. Subsequently, you will meet with your Advisor who will review and interpret the results for you and together, you will investigate meaningful and relevant career options and paths of study.

Step 2 – Know where you’re going

Once a career path has been identified, your Education & Career Advisor will organize an educational plan for you that ensures you are on track to achieve your high school and/or post-secondary objectives. Your plan will also include all areas relating to your education and career objectives, such as meaningful school-year part-time and summer full-time employment, extracurricular activities that bolster your portfolio and maximize your marketability to your school(s) and career of choice.

Step 3 – Know you’ll get there

Now that you have a goal and a plan to achieve it, there are numerous support services that we provide throughout your journey. First, we monitor your progress regularly, conduct quarterly in-person meetings with you, manage your calendar and remind you of all important dates, provide academic tutorials, study strategies, practice tests; we help you with your college or university applications, direct you to and assist you with scholarship and bursary applications, and so much more. Essentially, we become your partner and ensure you succeed.